rftp is the bridge connecting web2 and web3


rftp is the bridge connecting web2 and web3

Born as a passion project of Agentur Boomer, we are a dedicated team of people who work with brands and NFT projects on a daily basis. Besides the core team from Agentur Boomer, we have access to the skills of 70 people operating in a full-time capacity across various industries. We are based in Germany but operate internationally. rftp is the door opener to the web3 space, we create a better future by realizing long term sustainable projects within the web3 space.

let's connect two worlds!

Our main goal is to find partners who are willing to produce sustainable and successful projects in web3. These can be brands, developers and artists. The rftp community is handpicked and only gathers people with expertise. We bring together the best from the Web2 and the Web3 world onto the same page… Get expert opinions and curated information about technologies, workflows and approaches. Here, you can freely exchange ideas with experts and like-minded people about everything web3. Within our project we are the bridge and translator between those worlds, we do the mediation, project management, consulting and the overall communication.

no one can say where web3 is evolving towards. move forward together.

Some may say that web3 is the wild west and in some ways it seems so, but to us, it represents “a new frontier”. We are dealing with a new form of technology and as history has shown technology always disrupts existing orders. This is where opportunities lie for those brave enough to move forward. Instead of worrying about what the future brings, we want to create a better future together with our partners and actively shape this expanding and evolving ecosystem.


discord: Kerrag#1031

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